Why Custom and Bespoke is NOT a shop on line Service!

Posted by bespokeman

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We all want the best possible deal when we decide to purchase something. Unfortunately, when you decide to go towards custom or if you are very particular Bespoke, a deal just doesn’t make sense! Remember this is a piece being commissioned expressly for you, and nobody else. So if you get a deal from a friend of your bother-in-law or your colleagues corner tailor, ask yourself what am I sacrificing to get this great deal?

For the Artisan who has to do the work is going to have to withhold something that is fit, style, or quality sensitive to make it an economical feasible option for him to complete. A deal, a price, a cut-rate option does not exist in the real world of custom tailoring. This is a profession only taken on by those who have a calling. They are not slaves laying in waiting in a sweat shop for your prestigious order. These people work for their services just like you do. So think long and hard! Are you ready to really appreciate the world of fine tailoring? If the answer is YES! Then pick up the phone and arrange an appointment with a master craftsman to experience the real value of custom bespoke tailoring.