The Many Things We Do at The Bespokeman

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Yes we do SHIRTS

Yes we do Custom Made Shirts! We take the necessary measurements and pictures of your body, stance,and characteristics. That are uniquely yours. We then order the fabric and when it arrives, one of our skilled artisans will lay out a modern pattern and begin to cut the fabric into panels and features resembling a shirt. We then take those pieces and baste a shirt together to create your shirt. At this time we will contact you in for a fitting. When you are presented your raw shirt you will try it on and we will begin to fit it on you. This will ensure a perfect fit every time! When we have perfected the try-on stage, and only then, do we go to finishing. The end result is a very well constructed shirt using only the best fabrics, a modern fit with all the unique styling cues that are only exclusive to you. We welcome you to experience this first hand and really get hooked on a custom made shirt.


Trousers are our specialty. The same care and attention is applied to creating a custom made pant as we would making a suit. We choose from the finest Italian mills to choose just the right fabric. We the discuss all of the many unique trims we can add to your specific type of trouser. Trims like extra pockets for change or pocket watches, hidden pockets for money or important documents. Pleated or non pleated to provide that extra style or look you are after. Side pockets, western pockets or even jean pockets are all cool details to make that pant look fabulous. Not to mention all the measurements and fittings to ensure a perfect fit. Come in and see what an amazement a custom pant can be.


A jacket says a lot about you whether you are at the office or the club. It reflects your taste and sportiness when you are at rest or play. It can really bring out your personality, especially when you choose from some of the most stunning fabrics and patterns specifically for sport jackets. Big, bold, and exciting, we can really personalize your look to reflect the many hobbies, or interests you may have. We can even feature your special collectible in your jacket, like a car, or shotgun, or a favorite golf club. The skies the limit when we make a hand custom made jacket.


A custom made suit by hand is the epitome of success and style. You have arrived when a tailor like the Bespokeman can make you a suit that tells the world you have arrived and are reflecting your personal style by wearing something that is custom made for you. The measuring process alone takes over an hour to complete and ensure a perfect measurement. The Bespokeman does not rest until he is satisfied that every measurement is taken and retaken. Then we look at the many fine Italian fabrics to choose just the right one for you! Then we discuss the many individual details to incorporate into this work of art. From special monogram mint to the height of the notch or peak to reflect the modern look in men’s suits. The cloth is then ordered and you return for your first fittings. When the cloth arrives the Bespokeman calls a meeting with his tailoring artisans to discuss your requirements. He then with his team examines your body and stance on a big screen TV so that all participants in the making of your suit are aware of who you are. Even if you never meet them! They are working for you in the back ground. The cloth is then given to the cutter who painstakingly begins to cut out a pattern of panels that will be basted together to create the first try-on stage of your suit. The master tailor then begins the work of putting together a raw try-on for you. When this is ready, you will receive a call to come in and begin the first journey to creation of a unique art piece which is your suit. The Bespokeman begins to correct and adjust to ensure that this suit will fit you right and highlight all the things that make you great. These adjustments will make you look fit and like you lost weight. The hand made suit will give you power. So when this is complete and it satisfies your requirements and importantly the Bespokeman’s high standards will then and only then be considered for completion. The process takes a full eight weeks to execute and deliver. When the suit is complete you will return to our shop for the reveal and the final completed look. This is when you are transformed and a magical feeling takes hold. A modern hand made suit by the Bespokeman is a right of passage. Congratulations you have arrived!


Bespoke is a word that is used far too often with disregard for its heritage. The Bespokeman does not! He understands the history and providence of such an artisan craft. Bespoke is an English term that disciples when a client visits his tailor he chooses a fabric to that becomes spoken for! That fabric is exclusive to that client who then has a personalized drafted pattern produced for him. We at the Bespokeman do the same thing for certain clients of distinctive taste and culture. A bespoke client is usually someone who is independent and may not always be available for various fittings. That client may travel or live in another land. So a hand custom made suit my not be right for them. So we creat a one off drafted pattern before we even start to cut the cloth for a try-on. That drafted pattern takes months to perfect before the traditional hand custom made is begun. So this extra step is long and laborious and only suited for specific clients. It is the Zenith of our ability incorporating everything you find in a custom hand made garment, but with the addition of a one off hand drafted personalized pattern. Very original and very modern in our methods. Please make an appointment to discuss weather you are a candidate for bespoke with the master, the Bespokeman.


The holy trinity of dressing well to suit your individual budget. MTM is a set of measurements we manage and submit to a factory in Canada and Italy to create a special fitting suit that is adjusted at the Bespokeman studio. Hand custom made is our artisans creating a special one off suit for you. Finally bespoke the ultimate expression of your good taste within a one off pattern created for you and catalogued in our tailor studio for when you are ready to commission a new suit. All it takes is a phone call and we handle the rest and when it’s ready we deliver it to you anywhere in the world.