The Basted Try-on: A Staple in The Bespokeman’s Process

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The basted try-on is a must when having a suit made at Le Firme Menswear by the Bespokeman. A staple in our handmade custom and bespoke process.

After the cloth is graded and cut by our experienced Cutter, our Master Tailor with five generations of family tailoring under him, begins to tack together the silhouette of the suit jacket. This is the process of basting together the try-on by hand. The basted try-on is a very important step that will allow our client to really visualize his creation. He will see and appreciate the canvas interfacing and hand mastery of this special garment made exclusively for him. It is at this moment that the Bespokeman begins to hand craft and fit the jacket and trouser to the client to reflect the style and modern fit that has been painstakingly discussed and re-discussed with all the artisans that have brought it to this point.



This is the process that will fit and correct variances from the hand measuring that was initially taken at the beginning of the special project. We are very passionate about providing this very important critical step to ensure a perfect fit, every time!

If the tailor you commission doesn’t offer you this or dissuade you from having this step included in your custom process, then we suggest you run, don’t walk, because your satisfaction, your desire, your creation will never materialize! For more information please come in to Le Firme and the Bespokeman will be pleased to cover the basted process in detail.