Summer Fun in A Custom Made Jacket

Summer is upon us and a well tailored custom jacket is all the rage for fun in the sun. Think about light airy jacket when you leave work and visit your favorite watering hole, or when you are going to a friends house for an impromptu barbecue. All of these different Summer time experiences will require a nice comfortable jacket that will take you anywhere you want to go! Style, comfort, lightness, and breathability will make it a true keep sake for summers to come. Think unconstructed, which includes visible hand workmanship that is exposed for all to see, in a word it contains virtually little or no lining, that adds weight. The Master Tailor must take great care when he is finishing all seams and pockets, pads, and many other details that is available for anyone to see and reflect on. This is true tailoring art. Enjoy it and wear it proudly!