Go North For The Best Bespoke and Custom Suits in Toronto and the GTA

Do you really understand what it takes to have some of the best bespoke and custom suits made especially for you. It takes passion to be able to create and Italian bespoke and custom suit, jacket, pant, or shirt. The delicate hands of an Italian craftsman who has a sartorial legacy of fine needle work that can create the best that Italy has to offer. You do not have to leave Toronto or Canada to experience that sartorial legacy of fine Italian craftsmanship. You just have to go North to Richmond Hill where you will find the Bespokeman, John De Laurentiis, and his team of Six Italian tailors who work passionately to produce one of the finest suits out of Italy. Whether your style is Milanese, Romano, or Napoletana! The bespokeman has the experience and pedigree to pull it off.  John De Laurentiis, the Bespokeman has spent over 20 years working and studying the fine art of Italian tailoring to be able to produce the best of what Italy has to offer. Next time you are in Richmond Hill set up an appointment with the fabulous John De Laurentiis, the bespokeman and get ready to be amazed at what he and his sartorial team can do for you!