The Bespokeman’s Bespoke clothing in Toronto offers practical, high quality, and ultra-fashionable dress shirts in different colours, styles, and fabrics. Our Dress shirts express contemporary formality, fashionable styles, and excellent tailoring. Our shirts can be worn alone or with a suit because we make sure that the suits we create will go with everything and will be suitable for you.

Perfectly Tailored Bespoke Custom Dress Shirts

The Bespokeman’s Bespoke’s tailored dress shirts are made from the finest fabrics possible. Selecting a fabric means understanding the type of use that the garment is going to have. Choosing the quality of the fabric greatly affects the design of our tailored dress shirts. The fabrics’ world is diverse with various characteristics including their weave, lusciousness, and quality. We implement the method of ‘’feeling’’ the fabric between index and thumb, which is considered to be the most appropriate way to evaluate the fabric of a shirt. However, this method is successfully when someone skilled is doing it only such as our expert tailors.

Finest Quality Tailored Dress Shirts

Regardless of the dress code or fashion style you’re looking for, we definitely have a shirt that is suitable for you. With solid, casual options, our tailored dress shirts are sure to improve your wardrobe. We always streamline the collar and also have various cuff offerings to bring the most versatile choices. Every pattern is carefully designed to praise the natural shape. All our tailored dress shirts are created in a special way to emphasize the best features.

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