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The Bespokeman offers some of the best pure 100% cotton fabric from the italian mill called Canclini. This mill is the only mill with a italian government designation that all their fabrics are milled with strictest adherence to purity of water and natural ingredients in the weaving process. Absolutely no synthetic additives or materials are used to enhance the look or feel of the fabric. This means when you wear a shirt with Canclini fabric you feel the true pure cotton luxury next to your skin. Imagine a day of wearing the Canclini 100% pure cotton shirt and how you will feel always fresh and full of vitality with a luxurious cotton next to your skin. You owe it to yourself to have one made from the Bespokeman!

At the Bespokeman we can discuss all kinds of details that will make your shirt with Canclini fabric, a one of a kind wearable piece of art with the latest looks and modern fit. We offer a choice of the latest collar styles as well as the many different and exciting cuff variations that will set your custom made shirt apart from the rest. At the Bespokeman we even go a step further with specific back treatments that ad that touch of uniqueness and flair. For example notice the split back and centre box pleat in the top picture. Details like this can only be had by customization and collaboration with the world best stylists and designers. The bespokeman offers all of that for you under one roof.

The Bespokeman can also discuss the various fabric combinations you can add to your Canclini fabric to create that certain drama and excitement of styling depth that will make any shirt a “one off ” masterpiece. When can add alternative fabric touches to any part of your shirt, in places you would never think people would notice and comment on how different it looks to any other shirts.

How about the ability to add any type of button or contrasting stitching to create a most exciting bespoke shirt which brings out your good taste and personality? We can offer direction in creating a shirt that will be as unique as a precious stone or piece of jewelry without being ostentatious. Only reflect your true personality and good taste!

Finally, we top off everything in custom made bespoke clothing by having your masterpiece monogrammed with your choice of font style and colored thread to announce or, keep only to yourself, that this is my personal unique style. A rather luxurious finishing touch to display your exceptional good taste and attention to detail. So please, call us for a no hassle consultation and we will show you the absolute best from italy and our tailors bench!