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The Art of Tailoring.

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Defining Characteristics of a

De Laurentiis Signature Bespoke Suit

1. 1-hour Personal Style Consultation
2. 1-Bespoken bolt of luxurious Italian cloth
3. 20 Separate measurements to Create a Personalized Pattern
4. Basted Try-On Fittings to ensure Perfect Fit
5.  50 hours to complete by Hand-Finishing
6. 2000-3000 hand-tailored stitches
7. 6 weeks to complete
8. 100 Years of Legendary Craftsmanship


A Sartorial Legacy

Style and Fabric Selection

This is the opening stage. This first meeting involves a personal consultation with John De Laurentiis and Wardrobe Consultant, Giovanna Moretta who will discuss particular styles and designs suited for you. The client will then select the fabric from a vast range of luxurious cloths we have in stock imported from the finest Italian wool mills.

After the lifestyle consultation and cloth selection, ‘Master of the Tape’ John De Laurentiis will take your individual measurements, and will then take his ideas developed for you from this consultation to the designer / tailor, in order for the paper pattern to be designed and prepared for cutting.

Pattern and Cutting


From the individual measurements that are taken, the particular suit style details of jacket, vest and trouser, which has been discussed with de Laurentiis is transferred to the pattern and the clients own paper pattern is cut.

The cutter will work in tangent with de Laurentiis and the designer; adjusting the pattern at the various stages to create the precise paper pattern.

Cloth Cutting


After the paper pattern has been cut, it is then chalked around and the suit is cut by hand on the selected cloth.

Canvassing and Trim


The garment is then canvassed by hand for the perfect chest drape and readied for the first fitting.
Natural wool and canvasses are used throughout  the construction of the garment giving strength, and durability and increases the lifespan of the product.

First Fitting


The first suit fitting is approximately 3 weeks after our first meeting, the suit will be half finished ready to try on.
At this point de Laurentiis evaluates the fitting and makes any necessary adjustments accordingly. We use this opportunity to check drape and mould the suit to your body. As well as looking at the way the suit fits; Length, neck point, cuffs and posture are all noted.

The garment is re-marked and returned to the tailor . After the first fitting the garment is then completely taken apart and re-cut to be prepared for the next fitting.

Second Fitting


The second fitting is where previous alterations and amendments are refined as to give the suit its exceptional fit and comfort. The jacket is checked over for drape, and trouser for seat fitting and break over shoe.

After the final alterations have been made, the suit is hand finished inside and out using fine hand silks, thus giving the suit pure natural fibres and a lasting finish.

The HP silhouette after generations still reflects the natural classic shape, giving balance and enhancing the bodies outline by means of correcting and adjusting the pattern.

Final Touches of Perfection


The De Laurentiis Signature Bespoke suit is then ready for the final fitting.   Your bespoke suit will be all ready to try on; at this point we ensure your satisfaction with the final garment.

Advice is given to the customer on how to best care for the suit and maintain shape, such as pressing and cleaning.

This final suit fitting will be around 3 weeks after our second meeting.

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