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The Lord of Tailored Perfection – John De Laurentiis; The Bespokeman

It all begins with the fabric.

IMG_2525.JPGClothes have power. They drive you towards success and John De Laurentiis knows that. “Do you know what I love about fashion? It allows you to be a   character,” he muses. As a clothing connoisseur and well-known personal luxury shopper, De Laurentiis doesn’t mean ready-to-wear, disposable finds     he’s talking about high-quality, handmade garments that are destined to last a lifetime as they carry you throughout a beautiful lifestyle. But first thing      first: “It all begins with the fabric.” With his latest venture, a sartorial legend comes alive with De Laurentiis Signature, a modern bespoke tailored    menswear line made with lavish fabrics culled from Ermenigildo Zegna and other exclusive wool mills of Italy.

Paying homage to the sophisticated elegance of the art of tailoring, De Laurentiis’ latest fashion endeavor is inspired by his grandfather’s teachings and the vast clothing experience amassed by generations of his family. For De Laurentiis, commissioning a bespoke garment signifies and celebrates a right of passage, a mark of distinction, the beauty of a milestone, a coming of age and special events: a wedding, promotion, celebration. A term originating from the 17th century, bespoke refers to “been spoken for,” when a bolt of cloth was selected at a tailor shop.

20140315-140135.jpgAt De Laurentiis Signature, you are spoiled with personal service, first with an engaging consultation with De Laurentiis, where his unparalleled vision has you exploring never-
ending options for your modern bespoke garment. After you are meticulously measured and fitted by him, this master of the tape works with a designer to create the pattern.

Fifth generation master tailors then begin to make your suit by hand, while incorporating modern design with the age-old practices of skilled Italian couturiers. “Clients come to see me and say, ‘I just saw Ocean’s 13 and I really loved Brad Pitt’s suit.’ So I sit down, watch the film frame by frame; study the details and turn that desire into reality,” says De Laurentiis.

Applying 35 years of clothing experience with his appreciation for custom-tailored apparel, this self-declared fashion historian takes you through the ages by stirring the true essence of men’s fashion. “I watch a lot of movies; read a lot of books, and look to history for inspiration,” explains De Laurentiis. “I can actually pinpoint style trends well before they are back in vogue.”


It was centuries ago when men’s style first launched into the clothing round-table, giving way to DeLaurentiis pieces that exude elite social standing and a subtly sexual allure. From the ancient Roman times when men proved their strength in draping togas, to the heydays of the 1930s when British socialites were unable to resist the emerging elegance of the first classic suits on the market, De Laurentiis captures the evolution of fashion while marrying it with modern, luxurious approaches in his bespoke suits. “I really love the ‘60s because there was such a change from the beginning to the end of that decade. It started off with the shrunken suit style, which is in vogue now, and ended with the relaxed hippie generation,” says De Laurentiis, who looks to Giorgio Armani as one of world’s most timeless designers.

The power of our suits convey confidence. Why do my clients come to me? They want a garment that will parlay quality, a heightened taste level, self-assurance and success.

Today, a classically made, modern bespoke tailored garment by De Laurentiis Signature transpires into the ultimate power suit, fitting celebrities, government officials and entrepreneurs looking to make a statement. From cloth to clothes, the De Laurentiis vision speaks for something as every detail and meticulous stitching techniques reveal true craftsmanship. “The power of our suits convey confidence. Why do my clients come to me? They want a garment that will parlay quality, a heightened taste level, self-assurance and success,” says De Laurentiis, who founded the fashion-savvy Le Firme boutique in 1999.


Delivering high-end apparel like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Prada and more, Italian fashion abounds in the popular shop. With a passion for fashion, De Laurentiis jet sets to Italy five times a year, bringing back the latest cultured styles for the Western Hemisphere to indulge in. “At Le Firme, there’s no need to travel the world to find the best of Italian fashion,” he explains. Not one to rest on his laurels, De Laurentiis proves that with each stitch, every man can be a somebody. “North American society is chock full of volume, quantity and gluttony,” explains De Laurentiis. “But what a man really needs in his wardrobe is three to five bespoke suits that will last him a lifetime.”

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